Testimonials for Sally’s work…

Alexander sessions have helped solve my hip problems so much that I have cancelled my pending operation. Looking back it seems strange, as two years ago I was unable to go for a walk without experiencing pain. Now I can walk as far as I like without giving it a thought. My riding has changed too.

Vicky Cardell, BodySense student

Having had a course of lessons with Sally, I was amazed how it has helped my riding. I have an improved sense of feel and rapport with my horse. It has changed my understanding of “Contact” and has benefited me in numerous ways.

Sue Satchel, Event and Dressage rider & breeder

In addition to a much more balanced seat and greater awareness of my body, I was really surprised at how I’ve learned to control my reactions when my horse spooks – this, in turn, has made her less spooky and much improved my confidence!

Carole Youngs, BodySense student

Horse people have started to realise the enormous benefits the Alexander Technique can bring to their riding. In a simple, stress-free way, Sally helps riders to improve their posture and achieve a correct, classical position.

Alison Bridge, Horse & Rider

The Alexander Technique is one of the most valuable tools a rider can posses – and Sally Tottle’s innovative teaching methods make it simple and fun to learn.

Carl Hester, Olympic Dressage Rider

The standard of top level eventing is getting ever higher, so we are always looking to improve our performance. In the dressage phase I’ve found that learning the Alexander Technique with Sally has taught me to make small, but vital, alterations in my posture and balance, enabling more effective riding with less conscious effort.

The Alexander Technique has parallels with training horses, so it is an ideal method for helping riders realise their potential and gain an extra edge.

Harry Meade, International Event Rider