Life Coaching

People from all walks of life have benefited from Life Coaching. It provides a means of assisting each client to gain greater fulfilment, well-being and happiness from their lives.

Clients may have reached a stage where they desire a different way of life; for example, they may want to work for themselves or have been made redundant and want to embark on a different career, or they may have taken early retirement and want to discover a new lifestyle. Individuals wanting to advance their career frequently use Life Coaching.

Some people come to Life Coaching as they feel that something is missing and a Life Coach can act as a springboard to help them achieve their dreams.

Sessions are conducted individually and telephone consultations are popular. After a free introductory chat, the number of sessions will vary. However, I have found that an average of five sessions leads to positive results.

Here are some typical responses from clients who have undergone Life Coaching:

“I get more out of life in work, rest and play! I spend 10 minutes each morning doing the exercises which give me a more balanced approach to my day.”

“I’d recommend this to colleagues who experience heavy workloads and are prone to exhibit stress.”

“I now take a longer look at things before reacting – the sessions helped me focus on what is actually happening.”