Alexander Technique & BodySense


The technique was developed by Australian actor F.M. Alexander in the late 1900’s as a means to discover why he experienced recurrent hoarseness and loss of voice. Through self observation, he discovered that the balance of the head and its relationship to the neck and back not only influenced his voice, but also played a critical role in the flexibility, balance and co-ordination of his entire body

Riders can use this as a guiding principle to restore their body’s natural ability to remain easily balanced and upright. They spend a great deal of time learning about their horse’s equilibrium but have very little knowledge of how their own body’s are designed and used effectively.

As a keen rider and observer of horses, F.M.Alexander learned to understand these processes and created a practical and dynamic system that is of particular relevance to riders at all stages of their education.

Sally A. Tottle qualified as an Alexander Technique teacher in 1988 and continues to teach students the benefits of AT both for the relief of tension and pain and to develop their natural human potential, and for riders as a preface to studying her BodySense method.

BodySense courses are designed to help students to become aware of any negative habits they have of reacting and tightening, which interferes with the freedom of movement through the head, neck and back of both horse and rider. Ideally, a student will have taken a course of Alexander Technique lessons before attending a BodySense course, as this will enable the body to find its natural poise and awareness, essential starting points for a serious rider.

BodySense courses for riders take place at a number of venues in Herefordshire, Gloucestershire, Somerset, Wiltshire and Northern Ireland. Courses can also be held, by special arrangement, at any suitable venue in the UK.

Schedules are being constantly updated, and new courses added, so please visit the website to see what’s coming up, or email me with your contact details to be advised of forthcoming dates.



This 3 day course is suitable for Riding Instructors/Coaches & Alexander Technique Teachers. It will give you an insight into the Alexander Technique and the benefit it has to offer riders. Numbers are limited to 6 people. There will be Course Notes.

Using a mechanical horse and real horses Sally will bring her 25 years expertise to demonstrate how to teach in groups. You will learn how to build rapport, enhance observation skills and generally improve your teaching techniques

The 3 day Course will run for 1 day a month – 28th March, 25th April & 30th May.

Cost for the 3 days is £360 + horse hire (£10 a day), which is payable in 2 instalments of £195.

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