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sally pics april 104Increasingly, riders are beginning to realise that a heightened awareness of their own bodies has a dramatic effect on their horses. BodySense courses are designed to enhance performance by teaching students how to become aware of negative habit patterns, which are hindering their ability to progress to their maximum potential. The horse naturally reflects changes in the rider’s balance and co-ordination, by changing his manner of movement too.

Alexander Technique & BodySense

The technique was developed by Australian actor F.M. Alexander in the late 1900’s as a means to discover why he experienced recurrent hoarseness and loss of voice. Through self observation, he discovered that the balance of the head and its relationship to the neck and back not only influenced his voice, but also played a … Continue reading Alexander Technique & BodySense


Reiki is a hands on healing technique that is available for anyone who becomes open to it. It is a universal life-force energy which anyone can tune into if they wish. Reiki can help to balance physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well being. Animals, especially horses respond to it in remarkable ways. Reiki Courses. Reiki … Continue reading Reiki

Life Coaching

People from all walks of life have benefited from Life Coaching. It provides a means of assisting each client to gain greater fulfilment, well-being and happiness from their lives. Clients may have reached a stage where they desire a different way of life; for example, they may want to work for themselves or have been … Continue reading Life Coaching

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